Ready Made Paper Food Bowl

Material: 350gsm Card + 18g Single PE
Lead time: 2 weeks

Available in cartons of 600pcs:
1. 750ml - 60mm (H) x 128mm (B) x 150mm (T)
2. 1000ml - 75mm (H) x 128mm (B) x 150mm (T)
3. 1100ml - 65mm (H) x 144mm (B) x 165mm (T)
4. 1300ml - 75mm (H) x 144mm (B) x 165mm (T)

Available in cartons of 300pcs:
5. 1500ml - 66mm (H) x 161mm (B) x 185mm (T)

Price Calculator

1000ml (600pcs)1100ml (600pcs)1300ml (600pcs)1500ml (300pcs)
Square (5cm x 5cm)Rectangle (6.5cm x 3.8cm)
Round (5cm Diameter)
Square (5cm x 5cm)
Rectangle (6.5cm x 3.8cm)
Total : 110.00